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Contract Grows


When awarded a high profile project with either a large quantity of plants or many species a contract grow can save you time and be more cost effective.


Advantages of Contract Grow

  • Meet specifications

  • Plants are ready when needed

  • Consistency in quality and size

  • Administrative cost savings in time spent sourcing plants

  • Help with submittals, grower is part of the team

  • Streamline delivery service

Production Lead Time - It is best to begin the contract grow process as soon as the job is awarded.  We serve both General Contractors and Landscape Contractors with contract grow services. 


There are several factors that help determine lead time needed to complete a contract grow:

  • Finish container size – We contract grow in our standard plugs sizes 32 cell plugs, 50 cell plugs, 72 cell plugs, 2Qt and Qt containers

  • Amount of production space required

  • Is seed available and on hand, are there seedlings in stock

  • Seed stratification timing and germination requirements

  • Grow to finish time – dependent on time of year, species and container size

Give us a call to discuss your project or send us the species list.  Let us do the work to help make your project a success.

General Guidelines for Lead Time:

Desired Deliver Time Frame




Nursery Notice to Proceed

July 1st (Prior Year)

March 1st

April 30th

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