Plug Specifications


Our Deeply Rooted™ landscape ready plugs have fully-developed 5” root systems, ready to install, and quickly develop into mature plants.

  • transport more efficiently

  • require less labor to install

  • need less water to establish

  • easily interate into existing plantings

  • typically establish within 6-8 weeks

  • fantastic for establishing a matrix or latered design

  • ideal for growers to shift into larger containers when needed

Superior Native Plugs

  • Deeply Rooted : Our process focuses on developing dense, high volume root systems grown with the use of mycorrhizal innoculant.


  • Genetically Diverse : We follow the natural life cycle of each species and produce our plugs from seed to protect genetic diversity and ensure overall plant hardiness.


  • Naturally Grown : Our plugs are grown under conditions that closely mimic nature and acclimate smoothly to site conditions--heated greenhouses are rarely used to force plants out of dormancy or to promote artificial growth.


  • Neonicotinoid-free : We adhere to an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program that relies primarily on preventative maintenance using cultural, mechanical, and biological controls.

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