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Functional Landscape Solutions


Whether designed or natural, our landscapes have beauty beyond just the visual. They function to provide essential ecosystem services, especially if composed of locally native plants. Ecological landscapes filter water; stabilize, enrich, aerate, & build soil; provide habitat and food for pollinators, birds, & mammals; and moderate ambient temperatures. The sum of these attributes significantly reduces or eliminates the need for irrigation, fertilizer and pesticide applications, and mulch, resulting in the additional benefit of long-term cost savings.

Every commercial landscape, green roof, urban residential site, bio-swale, rain garden, streetscape or rite of way, has the potential to become a valuable, healthy resource simply by converting 60% of the species list to native plants. 


If you are excited about restoring ecological function and resiliency to our landscapes give us a call.  With our knowledge and expertise in ecological horticulture and our holistic approach to each site, we provide native plant solutions with lasting ecological benefits for generations to come.

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